10 Conditions Treatable with Medicinal Cannabis

By: Dr Mircea Iosif

10 Conditions Treatable with Medicinal Cannabis

Clinical evidence suggests the administration of legal Medicinal Cannabis can help treat a range of diseases and conditions from chronic pain, asthma and arthritis through to epilepsy, alzheimers and cancer.

Well over 3000 Australian patients are currently treated by Medicinal Cannabis using various brands and potencies. Positive effects have been seen on children suffering with epilepsy and other treatment -resistant conditions.

You can help stop the epidemic of Opioid use by using clinically-proven, safe and effective alternative treatments.

Dr Mireca Iosif has recently been clinically approved to offer Medicinal Cannabis to eligible patients.

For more information please go to https://www.medicalmcn.com.au/page/medicinalcannabisclinic or visit the Therapeutic Goods Administration www.tga.gov.au or QLD Health www.health.qld.gov.au.




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